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I am here.
This nightfall outside your window pane
Tapping with my shadowed fingers
Pleading with my north wind sighs
As neglected as the acknowledgement of day, is the passing of night
A fact of life that you will not remember to remember
And so I am burning
A fire of the misconstrued, it cleanses, it does not kill
It is unassuming and weak, begging only oxygen free of the perfume of lavender and gasoline
A roaring existence beyond these glass walls
And so I am screaming
Ocean breakers that crash against the shore
Begging ankles to slip into my riptide, so bent on destruction, so desirous of growth
But the sea does not grow, it is
It is forever and it is never the same, such insignificant tides that pull our islands through time
And so I am dying in this snow dance
Where the world is so cold that it is white with its own apathy
It is clean in its mindlessness
It is wrong in its assumption of uselessness
And I want my footsteps to leave their imprint forever
Deep in the ground like roots, the grass a golden reminder in the summers of my winter waltz
The world all over, pounded thin with footprints, our most base reminder of our being
Ghosts alone walk without them.
I am hoping, so helplessly fierce and full of a passion that consumes me
Makes me weep of the world for its dead seeds sown
Makes me a nightfall pounding on the window panes with the fury of a sun
I am here.
I am here.
I am here.
Be with me.
I am here. Where are you?
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September 9, 2010
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