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The sun has never seemed brighter to me
Possessed of that peculiar whiteness which stains the treetops with life
So green and then so dark
Lacing pathways with a voice and threads of seduction to a hungry soul
There are changes in me that I cannot explain
Revealed by the season and indecisive winds
A need to climb gray mountains and lay in silence on green hills
To star gaze until the patterns of constellations shine behind my eyelids
To swim lakes where the water is dark and cold, but the day is warm and clear
And to never have to do any of it alone
I have never felt so complete in all my life, although my heart and soul have split in threes
I would drink in love if only it were offered to me
I would love if only it were asked of me
The white sun falls and green is gold
Somewhere, those hills that I would make my bed are gold
My lullaby winds whisper feathered debate
And life stands still for the imperative moment where I make the choice to go on.
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May 16, 2010
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